Email Notifications

Receive email notifications of security incidents in addition to other forms, such as PSA tickets

This will send an email to all addresses for each security incident.  If you want to create them as PSA tickets instead, find the help doc entitled "How to Configure <PSA-name> PSA".

Only follow these steps if you would like email notifications in addition to PSA tickets or if you do not have a supported PSA.

Notifications at RocketCyber apply to all subordinate accounts.  

  • That is, if you are an MSP owner and want notifications for all your customers, you should enter your email at the MSP level.  That will apply to all customer accounts as well.
  1. Select the desired account, so that the correct company's name is displayed in the top-right dropdown menu
  2. Select Provider Settings
  3. Select the Notifications tab
  4. Enter all emails into the email addresses field.  If you are entering more than one email address, each address should be comma-separated
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